Archery was introduced during the 1900 Summer Olympics, although its first four editions varied greatly from the sport as is known now. The first four editions had different events for each edition, and only from the 1972 Summer Olympics onwards did the events become standardized.

The archery is governed by World Archery, founded in 1931.

During the 1904 Summer Olympics, only athletes from the United States competed.

Past EventsEdit

Men/Women Event
Men's 50 metres Au Cordon Doré
33 metres Au Cordon Doré
50 metres Au Chapelet
33 metres Au Chapelet
Sur la Perche à la Herse
Sur la Perche à la Pyramide
Team Round
Double American Round
Double York Round
Continental Style
Individual Fixed Large Bird
Individual Fixed Small Bird
50 metres Individual Moving Bird
33 metres Individual Moving Bird
28 metres Individual Moving Bird
Team Fixed Large Bird
Team Fixed Small Bird
50 metres Team Moving Bird
33 metres Team Moving Bird
28 metres Team Moving Bird
Women's Team Round
Double Columbia Round
Double National Round

Current EventsEdit

Men/Women Event
Men's Individual
Women's Individual
Mixed Team