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A total of 32 venues will be used for the 2012 Summer Olympics. There are [[List of sports|26 sports]] that will be played at the 2012 games. Depending on the sport, there may be multiple venues used throughout the competition. Some of the venues are existing facilities with great reputations, such as [[Wembley]] and [[Wimbledon]], but contemporary venues are being built specifically for the 2012 Games. Non-sporting venues include the [[Athletes' Village (London)|Athletes' Village]] and the [[IBC/MPC|Broadcasting/Press Centre]].
London's Olympic venues are categorized in the following areas:
*The [[:Category:Queen_Elizabeth_Olympic_Park|Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park]]
*London's [[:Category:London_Central_Zone|Central Zone]]
*London's [[:Category:London_River_Zone|River Zone<gallery type="slider">
*[[:Category:Outside_Greater_London|Outside greater London]]
*[[:Category:2012_Football_Stadiums|Football stadiums across the U.K.]]
Check out the [[London_2012_Venue_Maps|maps page]] to view or contribute maps of London's Olympic venues.
[[Category:London 2012]]
[[Category:London 2012]]

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