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He Kexin was born on January 1, 1992 in Beijing, China. She was a member of the Chinese women's team that won the team gold medal in 2008. He's age was a source of controversy at the 2008 Olympics because several Chinese media outlets reported her birth year as 1994 making her to young to compete in 2008. An investigation by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique ruled that He and her teammates were of the required age to compete. He also won a gold medal in the uneven bars final where her score actually tied Nastia Liukin's but a tie breaker declared He the winner. He was the final Chinese women named to the 2012 Olympic team, and took a silver in the uneven bars in London.

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Year Event Result
2008 Team
Uneven Bars
2012 Uneven Bars
Team 4th