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The Videos Module is found in the right rail of your wikia and contains videos that relate to your wikia. Videos in this module appear throughout your wikia, and help users to discover new and interesting videos to watch.

The Related Videos module is an extension enabled on request by staff.

Step by step

Related videos module

Adding videos

  • Find a video you would like to add to your wikia. You can grab videos from the Wikia Video Library (which includes high quality video content from our content partners) by visiting, or a video from any of our supported video sites
  • Copy the URL of the video you would like to add
  • Click on the "add a video" button in the module
  • An input box will pop up and ask you to enter the URL of the video you would like to add
Add a video lightbox

  • Paste the URL of the video, hit the Add button, and the video will be added to the module.

Maintaining and removing videos

  • If you would like to remove a video from the module, simply hover over the video and click on the trash can icon.
  • If you are an admin, and would like to see the complete list of videos in the module, visit the page MediaWiki:RelatedVideosGlobalList on your wiki.
  • Here you will see a bulleted list of all videos that have been added to the module. They will be listed as file name, followed by name of the user who added the video and some technical information.
  • The videos in the module are randomized, so the order on the list does not matter.
  • These videos are wikia wide, not page specific. If you want a video to appear on a specific page, it's best to embed it in the page.

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