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Ski jumping is an Olympic sport since the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix 1924. At first the Olympic ski jumping programme contained only one individual competition. Since Innsbruck 1964, there are two individual competitions, the normal hill (HS 106) and the large hill (HS 134). Calgary 1988 became the first Olympiad where ski jumpers competed in teams.

There are three disciplines in Olympic ski jumping programme for men:

  • Men's normal hill individual
  • Men's large hill individual
  • Men's large hill team

Women gained right to compete in the Olympics only in Sochi 2014. New discipline, Ladies normal hill individual, was included.

Olympic medalists in individual competitions, men Edit

Normal hill Large hill
Name Country Name Country
Sochi 2014
1 Kamil Stoch Poland 1 Kamil Stoch Poland
2 Peter Prevc Slovenia 2 Noriaki Kasai Japan
3 Anders Bardal Norway 3 Peter Prevc Slovenia
Vancouver 2010
1 Simon Ammann Switzerland 1 Simon Ammann Switzerland
2 Adam Malysz Poland 2 Adam Malysz Poland
3 Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria 3 Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria
Torino 2006
1 Lars Bystoel Norway 1 Thomas Morgenstern Austria
2 Matti Hautamaeki Finland 2 Andreas Kofler Austria
3 Roar Ljoekelsoey Norway 3 Lars Bystoel Norway
Salt Lake City 2002
1 Simon Ammann Switzerland 1 Simon Ammann Switzerland
2 Sven Hannawald Germany 2 Adam Malysz Poland
3 Adam Malysz Poland 3 Matti Hautamaeki Finland
Nagano 1998
1 Jani Soininen Finland 1 Kazuyoshi Funaki Japan
2 Kazuyoshi Funaki Japan 2 Jani Soininen Finland
3 Andreas Widhoelzl Austria 3 Masahiko Harada Japan
Lillehammer 1994
1 Espen Bredesen Norway 1 Jens Weissflog Germany
2 Lasse Ottesen Norway 2 Espen Bredesen Norway
3 Dieter Thoma Germany 3 Jens Weissflog Germany
Albertville 1992
1 Ernst Vettori Austria 1 Toni Nieminen Finland
2 Martin Hoellwarth Austria 2 Martin Hoellwarth Austria
3 Toni Nieminen Finland 3 Heinz Kuttin Austria
Calgary 1988
1 Matti Nykaenen Finland 1 Matti Nykaenen Finland
2 Pavel Ploc Czechoslovakia 2 Erik Johnsen Norway
3 Jiri Malec Czechoslovakia 3 Matjaz Debelak Yugoslavia
Sarajevo 1984
1 Jens Weissflog Germany 1 Matti Nykaenen Finland
2 Matti Nykaenen Finland 2 Jens Weissflog Germany
3 Jari Puikkonen Finland 3 Pavel Ploc Czechoslovakia
Lake Placid 1980
1 Anton Innauer Austria 1 Jouko Tormanen Finland
2 Manfred Deckert East Germany 2 Hubert Neuper Austria
3 Hirozaku Yagi Japan 3 Jari Puikkonen Finland
Innsbruck 1976
1 Hans-Georg Aschenbach East Germany 1 Karl Schnabl Austria
2 Jochen Danneberg East Germany 2 Anton Innauer Austria
3 Karl Schnabl Austria 3 Henry Glass East Germany
Sapporo 1972
1 Yukio Kasaya Japan 1 Wojciech Fortuna Poland
2 Akitsugu Konno Japan 2 Walter Steiner Switzerland
3 Seiji Aochi Japan 3 Rainer Schmidt East Germany
Grenoble 1968
1 Jiri Raska Czechoslovakia 1 Vladimir Belousov USSR
2 Reinhold Bachler Austria 2 Jiri Raska Czechoslovakia
3 Baldur Preiml Austria 3 Lars Grini Norway
Innsbruck 1964
1 Veikko Kankkonen Finland 1 Toralf Engan Norway
2 Toralf Engan Norway 2 Veikko Kankkonen Finland
3 Torgeir Brandtzag Norway 3 Torgeir Brandtzag Norway
Squaw Valley 1960
1 Helmut Recknagel East Germany Before 1964 there was only one special jump in the Winter Olympics.
2 Niilo Halonen Finland
3 Otto Leodolter Austria
Cortina 1956
1 Antti Hyvarinen Finland
2 Aulis Kallakorpi Finland
3 Harry Glass East Germany
Oslo 1952
1 Arnfinn Bergmann Norway
2 Torbjorn Falkanger Norway
3 Karl Holmstrom Sweden
St. Moritz 1948
1 Petter Hugsted Norway
2 Birger Ruud Norway
3 Thorleif Schjelderup Norway
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936
1 Birger Ruud Norway
2 Sven Eriksson Sweden
3 Reidar Andersen Norway
Lake Placid 1932
1 Birger Ruud Norway
2 Hans Beck Norway
3 Kaare Wahlberg Norway
St. Moritz 1928
1 Alf Andersen Norway
2 Sigmund Ruud Norway
3 Rudolf Burkert Czechoslovakia
Chamonix 1924
1 Jacob Tullin Thams Norway
2 Narve Bonna Norway
3 Anders Haugen USA

Olympic medalists in individual competitions, ladies Edit

Female ski jumpers started competing in the Olympic Games in 2014.

Name Country
Sochi 2014
1 Carina Vogt Germany
2 Daniela Iraschko-Stolz Austria
3 Coline Mattel France

Olympic medalists in team competitions Edit

Venue Gold Silver Bronze
Sochi 2014 Germany Austria Japan
Vancouver 2010 Austria Germany Norway
Torino 2006 Austria Finland Norway
Salt Lake City 2002 Germany Finland Slovenia
Nagano 1998 Japan Germany Austria
Lillehammer 1994 Germany Japan Austria
Albertville 1992 Finland Austria Czechoslovakia
Calgary 1988 Finland Yugoslavia Norway

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