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The luge events will be held at the Sliding Center "Sanki", which is built at the Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort, with its track finishing area at Rzhanaya Polyana.

Competition ScheduleEdit

Date Time Event
February 8 18:30 Men's Single Run 1
February 8 20:40 Men's Single Run 2
February 9 18:30 Men's Single Run 3
February 9 20:40 Men's Single Run 4
February 10 18:45 Women's Singles Run 1
February 10 20:35 Women's Singles Run 2
February 11 18:30 Women's Singles Run 3
February 11 20:20 Women's Singles Run 4
February 12 18:15 Doubles Run 1
February 12 19:45 Doubles Run 2
February 13 20:15 Team Replay Competition

Medal SummaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Single Run 1
Men's Single Run 2
Men's Single Run 3
Men's Single Run 4
Women's Singles Run 1
Women's Singles Run 2
Women's Singles Run 3
Women's Singles Run 4
Doubles Run 1
Doubles Run 2
Team Relay Competition

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