As the Olympics wiki grows and new articles are added by a variety of editors, it will be important to develop and revise the Manual of Style to drive consistency throughout the wiki. We encourage new editors and users to share their feedback and input in talk pages about their suggestions for the Manual of Style for this wiki.

Article Naming ConventionEdit

Olympic GamesEdit

Search engine results show that the most common searched terms for an Olympics peak near the actual Games timeframe and is “(Host City) (Olympic Games year)” – For example Beijing 2008 or London 2012 without the parenthesis. It, therefore, makes sense that we employ the article naming convention for Olympic Games as “(Host City) (Olympic Games year).” For future games that there is no host city yet, the naming convention should be “(year) (season) Olympic Games” such as 2020 Summer Olympic Games. And once a host city is announced, that article should be moved to an article titled “(Host City) (Olympic Games year).”


  1. For Olympic Games, there should also be a corresponding Category Page titled the same. In the above London 2012 example, there will be an article named London 2012, and a category London 2012 that corresponding articles including venues, tickets, events, and more can be categorized specifically to that particular Olympic Games.
  2. It is helpful to add similarly named articles that redirect to yours at the time you add a new Olympic Games to the wiki. For example, for London 2012, articles redirected to London 2012 include 2012 Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Summer Olympics, and Games of the XXX Olympiad.


Name athlete articles "(First Name) (Last Name)" - For example: Michael Phelps


Name sport articles "(Sport Name)" - For example: Football. Note, that should be the primary sports page that includes all information general to that sport in the Olympic Games as a whole, along with links to that sport in a specific year. Sport pages for a specific year should be named "(Sport Name) (Olympic Games year)" - For example Football 2012.

Sports articles should be similar in layout, and a specific layout or infobox if available at the time of writing should be used.