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Paavo Aaltonen is a gymnast who competed for Finland. He competed at the 1948 and 1952 Summer Olympic Games. He died on 9 September 1962 at the age of 42.

His gold at the pommel horse in 1948 was a remarkable one, as he had to share his title with two competitors, Heikki Savolainen and Veikko Huhtanen.

Olympic ResultsEdit

Year Event Result
1948 Men's Individual All-Around Bronze
Men's Team Gold
Men's Floor 29th
Men's Vault Gold
Men's Parallel Bars 7th
Men's Horizontal Bar 12th
Men's Rings 17th
Men's Pommel Horse Gold
1952 Men's Individual All-Around 20th
Men's Team Bronze
Men's Floor 24th
Men's Vault 35th
Men's Parallel Bars 27th
Men's Horizontal Bar 11th
Men's Rings 38th
Men's Pommel Horse 40th


Discipline Score
Individual All-Around 228.80
Team All-Around 1358.30
Floor 36.50
Vault 39.10
Parallel Bars 38.80
Horizontal Bar 38.40
Rings 37.30
Pommel Horse 38.70


Discipline Score
Individual All-Around 111.40
Team All-Around 564.20
Floor 18.55
Vault 18.50
Parallel Bars 18.65
Horizontal Bar 19.15
Rings 18.45
Pommel Horse 18.10