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This an artictle about the Modern Pentathlon, for a disabigation, visit the page Pentathlon.

The Modern Pentathlon is a series of five olympic events. The events you must participate in are: Pistol Shooting, Fencing, Freestyle Swimming (200m), Show Jumping, and a Cross Country Run (3k). The pentathlon was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1912. All five events are done in one day.


Pentathlon Logo

Modern Pentathlon's Logo.

The pentathalon was first featured in Olympic Games in 1912. It was won by a Swedish resident. The pentathlon was first completed in four-to-five day period. To help with audience, it is now competed in a one day format. Since there is lack of popularity outside of Eastern Europe, there were calls to remove the Modern Pentathlon as an Olympic Sport. The IOC took a vote and the result was that the Modern Pentathlon will stay an Olympic Sport until at least the 2012 Olympics.


There are five events in the Modern Pentathlon.

  • Pistol Shooting.
  • Fencing.
  • 200m Freestyle Swimming.
  • Show Jumping
  • 3k Cross Country Run

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