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Peter Prevc (born 20 September 1992 in Dolenja vas v Selški dolini, občina Železniki, Slovenia) is a Slovenian skijumper. He started jumping when he was nine years old, and he made his first World Cup appearance in December 2009, aged 17, and earned his first World Cup points. Later on, he won a silver medal on Junior World Championships, and was included in Slovenian Olympic team for Vancouver 2010 where he showed great results. Since then, Prevc became a constant member of Team Slovenia, being part of all of their team victories. In 2013, he won bronze and silver medals on FIS Ski Jumping World Championships in Predazzo. In 2014, he became the first Slovenian skijumper to win an Olympic medal in individual competitions.

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  • Peter Prevc has a nickname "Mišica", which means "muscle" in Slovenian and was given to him by fans and media after his first World Championship medal.
  • Peter Prevc is the first Slovenian skijumper to win an individual Olympic medal (Calgary 1988 silver medalist Matjaz Debelak was officially Yugoslavian). Prevc is the 9th Slovenian athlete to win an Winter Olympic award, and second to do it twice.
  • Prevc is the third Slovenian skijumper to win a Ski-Flying World Cup, and the fourth to wear a yellow jersey as a leader in FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Overall.