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Stéphane Lambiel
Country Switzerland
Sport Figure skating
Best Events solo
Olympics Attended 2002; 2006; 2010
Olympic Medals Won
Gold medal icon Gold Silver medal icon Silver Bronze medal icon Bronze
0 1 0
Personal Information
Birthdate 2 April 1985
Birthplace Martigny, Valais
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

Stéphane Lambiel is a figure skater who competed for Switzerland at the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Olympics. Lambiel won a silver medal at the 2006 Olympics. Lambiel was Switzerland's flag bearer at the 2010 Olympics.  Lambiel retired after the 2010 Olympics.

Torino 2006Edit

Lambiel won the silver medal.

Event Score Rank
Short 79.04 3
Free 152.17 4
Overall 231.21 2

Vancouver 2010Edit

Lambiel placed fourth.

Event Score Rank
Short 84.63 5
Free 162.09 3
Overall 246.72 4

Major Competition ResultsEdit

  • Olympics: 2002-15th; 2006-2nd; 2010-4th
  • World Championships: 2002-18th; 2003-10th; 2004-4th; 2005-1st; 2006-1st; 2007-3rd; 2008-5th
  • European Championships: 2001-9th; 2002-4th; 2003-5th; 2004-6th; 2005-4th; 2006-2nd; 2008-2nd; 2010-2nd
  • Switzerland Championships: 2001-1st; 2002-1st; 2003-1st; 2004-1st; 2005-1st; 2006-1st; 2007-1st; 2008-1st; 2010-1st

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