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Stoyan Deltchev is a gymnast who competed for Bulgaria. He competed at the 1976 and 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

Olympic ResultsEdit

Year Event Result
1976 Men's Individual All-Around 64th
Men's Team 12th
Men's Floor 48th
Men's Vault 66th
Men's Parallel Bars 46th
Men's Horizontal Bar 71st
Men's Rings 78th
Men's Pommel Horse 44st
1980 Men's Individual All-Around Bronze
Men's Team 5th
Men's Floor 12th
Men's Vault 5th
Men's Parallel Bars 5th
Men's Horizontal Bar Gold
Men's Rings 5th
Men's Pommel Horse 10th


Discipline Stage Score
Individual All-Around Qualification 107.150
Final Did not advance
Team Final 532.600
Floor Qualification 17.950
Final Did not advance
Vault Qualification 18.150
Final Did not advance
Parallel Bars Qualification 18.100
Final Did not advance
Horizontal Bar Qualification 17.400
Final Did not advance
Rings Qualification 17.250
Final Did not advance
Pommel Horse Qualification 18.300
Final Did not advance


Discipline Stage Score
Individual All-Around Qualification 117.500
Final 118.000
Team Final 571.550
Floor Qualification 19.300
Final Did not advance
Vault Qualification 19.650
Final 19.700
Parallel Bars Qualification 19.750
Final 19.575
Horizontal Bar Qualification 19.750
Final 19.825
Rings Qualification 19.550
Final 19.475
Pommel Horse Qualification 19.500
Final Did not advance

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