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*European Championships: 1993-9th; 1994-10th; 1995-4th
*European Championships: 1993-9th; 1994-10th; 1995-4th
*Belarusian National Championships: 1994-1st
*Belarusian National Championships: 1994-1st
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Tatiana Navka
Country Russia; Belarus
Sport Figure skating
Best Events ice dancing
Olympics Attended 1994; 1998; 2002; 2006
Olympic Medals Won
Gold medal icon Gold Silver medal icon Silver Bronze medal icon Bronze
1 0 0
Personal Information
Birthdate 13 April 1975
Birthplace Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

Tatiana Navka is a ice dancer who competed at the 1994 and 1998 Olympics for Belarus and the 2002 and 2006 Olympics for Russia. Navka won gold in 2006 with partner Roman Kostomarov with whom she also skated with in 2002. Navka skated with Samvel Gezalian in 1994 and Nikolai Morozov in 1998. Navka was married to 1994 ice dance silver medalist Alexander Zhulin from 2000 to 2010, they share one daugher, Sasha (b. 2000). Navka retired from competitive skating in 2006.

Torino 2006Edit

Navka and Kostomarov won the gold medal.

Event Score Rank
Compulsory 38.20 2
Short 61.07 1
Free 101.37 1
Overall 200.64 1

Major Competition ResultsEdit


  • Olympics: 2002-10th; 2006-1st
  • World Championships: 1999-12th; 2001-12th; 2002-8th; 2003-4th; 2004-1st; 2005-1st
  • European Championships: 1999-11th; 2001-9th; 2002-7th; 2003-3rd; 2004-1st; 2005-1st
  • Russian National Championships: 1999-3rd; 2001-2nd; 2002-2nd; 2003-1st; 2004-1st; 2006-1st

w/Morozov (for Belarus)

  • Olympics: 1998-16th
  • World Championships: 1997-14th; 1998-10th
  • European Championships: 1997-12th; 1998-10th
  • Belarusian National Championships: 1997-1st; 1998-1st

w/Gezalian (for Belarus/Soviet Union)

  • Olympics: 1994-11th
  • World Championships: 1993-9th; 1994-5th; 1995-7th
  • European Championships: 1993-9th; 1994-10th; 1995-4th
  • Belarusian National Championships: 1994-1st

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