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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template identifies an empty section and when it was noticed to be empty. It also provides a link to edit the section and add content.

{{Empty section}}
{{Empty section|<date=>|<section=>}}
  • date= Optional Typically month and year are provided.
  • section= Semi-required The "adding information to it." link will not work correctly without the correct section number.
Common form usage info (with current date and section)
To specify date, insert a vertical bar (|) after "Empty section" and type "date=INSERT DATE HERE". Typically INSERT DATE HERE is in the form of month name and 4-digit year (i.e. date=February-2016 or date=Feb 2016). To specify the section, insert another vertical bar (|) and type "section=INSERT SECTION NUMBER HERE". Typically INSERT SECTION NUMBER HERE is in the form of an integer (i.e. section=1). The section number can be found in the at the end of the URL (&action=edit&section=#) when you try to edit a section via the "[edit]" link to the right of the section header.
Visit Template:Empty section/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?) (Refresh this text - why?)

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