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Finally, the 2014 Winter Olympics are here! Opening ceremony starts tomorrow, but what are we doing to do when NBC plans on delaying the airing the opening ceremony for eight and a half hours? No worries, Mashable has luckily created a guide for fans who really want to watch the ceremony! Keep reading for the rundown.

  • On your television
    • This is only for Canadians and Europeans, sorry! Check your local provider to find out the time of broadcast.
  • On Twitter
    • Use Twitter to get a behind the scenes look at the ceremony! Many of your favorite athletes or reporters are on Twitter, and so is Sochi 2014! Follow the official Winter Olympics account here (or on the main page of this wikia), and check out this list of verified Olympians who will be there! You can also follow major broadcasting corporations who will be there like BBC.
  • On Instagram
    • One of our favorite apps! There's plenty of Sochi 2014 pictures popping up on Instagram already, and athletes and reporters are very likely to post pictures during the opening ceremony. Thanks to the New York Times, there's already a list of 10 notable Olympians to follow on Instagram.

Do you have any other tips for people who want to watch the opening ceremonies? Share with us in the comments below!

Source: Mashable

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