With doping scandals tainting the good name of sports, and Olympics in general, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) declared that this will be the most tested Olympics yet, and those who want to take drugs should not come to London at all. In terms of statistics, there will be more than 5000 tests, which comes out to 50% of athletes getting tested.

According to Reuters, WADA is taking every step to ensure that doping will be screened rigorously. "Since WADA came on the scene, the scientific research is better, the testing is better and we are now discussing how they might cheat," Professor Cohan of Drug Control Centre said. "We have been keeping up with latest practises and very often we are ahead."

Doping was actually down in the last Olympics held in Beijing with .42 vs .71 from the previous years. With higher turnover rate, they hope to outdo the testing available in Beijing with new technology at their arsenal. Case in point: athelete's biological passport: "The passport system is advancing," said Professor Cowan. "It's a continuous process as we feed data into the register so we can track the athlete's blood history. We've already been using it for a while and we'll have it for London too."

The results will be analyzed within the day. Let's hope that drugs and doping will have even less of a part in London.

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