• Ljj589

    My cousin

    May 21, 2012 by Ljj589

    My cousin named rice son yu, her firm two neat article braid, in clean face, a smile is showed deep small dimple.

    My cousin is watching English class of books and English cartoons. One day, I, cousin and go to grandpa take the subway. Come to the subway station entrance, the one I learned words, I think: use this word to test cousin. My cousin to ask: "what read this word?" Cousin have answers to answer: "this read underground." I clap your hands side, the side of praise way: "good, English quite familiar." "Thank cousin, but also praised far worse than cousin, my cousin later I will more than your English I" cousin have answers to say.
    Came to platform, the cousin suddenly asked me: "my cousin yellow read what?" "Yellow. Read after me yello…

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