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    Shaun White Jams Wrist

    February 4, 2014 by Matt Hadick

    During a Slopestyle training run, snowboarder Shaun White jammed his left wrist, generating some concern regarding the overall safety of slope style course, which has been taking its toll on contestants in the weeks leading up to the games.

    White had this to say:

    "It's frustrating to see it. It puts a damper on the whole mood and it's kind of like you're getting ready to do a big trick and you see something like that. Intimidating. Unfortunate. I'm hoping the builders can make some changes and the course has a little more of a friendly vibe. But I can't change the course. Just doing the best I can."

    The multi-medal winner is expected to recover before the event.

    UPDATE: White has dropped out of the event.

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  • Matt Hadick

    Jonathan Quick, goalie for team USA's hockey team, has revealed his brand new goalie mask via a trio of short vine videos showcasing the mask's creation.

    It has a style similar to the one he wears for the Los Angeles Kings, with a bit of patriotic flair.

    Check out the videos!

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    Hubertus von Hohenlohe, a Mexican Olympic skier from Austria who is skiing in the Sochi games, has announced plans to ski in a skin tight mariachi suit, pictured below. Born to German nobility in Mexico, von Hohenlohe had a number of a countries he could choose from to race for internationally, but ended up going with Mexico.

    “In the beginning, I remember that I was considering racing for Liechtenstein because I have a Liechtenstein passport,” von Hohenlohe said. “In the end, it seemed ideal that I do it for a country where I could control my own moves.”

    One of those moves, it seems, is wearing this interesting, Mexico-repping mariachi suit.

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    Shaun White, the two-time Olympic gold medalist, might have skipped this year's X Games, but he is ready to tackle the big time again, this time in Sochi. Despite having suffered two relatively recent injuries (a sprained ankle during an early Olympic qualifier in December, and a face plant against a bean bag during practice over the weekend) White is in tip-top shape, ready to take on the Slopestyle and Halfpipe events, on February 6th and 12th, respectively.

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