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    Beijing is a tough act to follow. Even after all the controversy, the sheer spectacle of it all smacked the gobs of billions around the world. Now it's London's turn, in their third modern Summer Olympics, and LOCOG has decided to push substance over style.

    The Olympic Stadium won't be flashy, the new stadiums are practical and long-lasting, and the English are proud of it, it seems. Faced with an almost $50 million budget cut after the Tory government took office, LOCOG have soldiered on, using what they have to great effect.

    We'll have to wait until next year to see if it pays off, but most seem to be cautiously optimistic that a Games so different from 2008 will, at the very least, resonate with audiences by sheer principle alone.

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    The Opening Ceremonies of any Olympic Games are long and strenuous. Athletes who are competing in the first days of the Games often skip the opening because of energy concerns, but Britain is seemingly trying to boycott its entire team from participating at all.

    The amount of time it has taken (and arguably will take) to stage the Opening Ceremonies has some British coaches feeling that the event will destroy any medal hopes for the host country. Since the Summer Games will take place in London next year, and the host country always goes last, British officials don't want to tire their athletes by having them stand around waiting for their turn.

    As of now, a full boycott is still speculation. The entire British track-and-field field team,…

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    Online ticket sales for the 2012 Olympic Games opened at 6 am this morning and almost immediately, the site crashed, leaving many incredibly frustrated.

    The official Twitter account for the Olympic Games advised its users on the error, saying that the crash was due to higher-than-expected demand for tickets, resulting in excess bandwidth. Twitter users have seemingly revolted over the issue, calling the site impractical and unfair, with poor management.

    Combined with the recent debacle over laxer security measures, things do not look good for LOCOG.

    Did anybody experience this problem? Let us know in the comments.


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    The plot of the 2012 Summer Olympic ticket controversy thickened today.

    The London Organization Committee for the Olympic Games has announced that it will not be screening the identity of all patrons who buy tickets during the London 2012 Summer Games, citing it as impractical.

    In its place, each ticket will be scanned and every patron will be required to go through a metal detector.

    The announcement has been met with some concern, as critics feel that such a security change could open up the potential for black-market ticket sales.

    Tell us what you think of this latest plot twist- do you see this as a good thing or a potential problem?

    Source: The Telegraph

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