Angle after winning gold in 1996

Kurt Angle, the former WWE professional wrestler, has recently announced his plans to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Wrestling team that will be competing at London 2012. Of course, Angle originally got his start on the Olympic mats, winning gold at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, before taking his talents to the professional wrestling scene. He had a broken neck when he won that medal, so if there's a man tough enough to do a repeat 16 years later at the age of 43, that man is Kurt "The American Hero/The Wrestling Machine" Angle.

ZOO conducted a great interview with the wrestler, revealing that he's coming back to the sport because of his "competitive streak" and because "the challenge of the Olympics" is something that he missed. Angle should be able to make the team, considering his experience, but how he fares depends on how well we can handle the younger generation of wrestlers. The transition from Olympic wrestling to professional wrestling seems like a natural move, but the two sports are like apples and oranges, and a reverse transition may prove to be difficult. If Kurt Angle can pull it off again, here's hoping that they give him a microphone on the Olympic podium. Now that would steal the show!

For more information about Kurt Angle, please read his profile on the Pro Wrestling Wiki. Also, we are giving away an official London 2012 Hoodie! Click here for more details!



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