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MS Deutschland in the South Quay

The German Olympic Sports Confederation commenced their preparations for the London 2012 Olympics in spectacular fashion yesterday, sailing the massive MS Deutschland snugly into the London Docklands, making it the largest boat to ever visit. The luxury cruise ship is making a test-run for next summer, when it will provide nearby accomodations to the Docklands Museum, which will become the official headquarters of Team Germany. Although German athletes will stay in the Athletes' Village, the VIPs, dignitaries, officials, and wealthy supporters of the team will stay on the boat made famous in the television show Das Traumschiff, Germany's version of Love Boat.
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Get your Michael Phelps on in the pool

The art-deco style ship holds 581 passengers with an equal number of staff members. It features a swimming pool, grand ballroom, steam baths, and a driving range, so it's no surprise that three nights during the Olympics will cost £4,366 (approximately $7,000) per person. However, if you're German and you can afford it, I'd recommend booking a room now! What could be better than watching Dirk Nowitzki dominate in the Basketball Arena before retiring to the ship in the heart of London for a game of shuffleboard? Nichts.

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