An expected 100+ million people will tune in to watch Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011. It is the biggest sporting event in the United States and, next to the World Cup and Olympics, throughout the world. With the Olympics having long since moved away from its roots of having only “amateur” athletes competing in the Olympic Games, why not then have American Football become an Olympic Sport? From a US perspective, having the best NFL players from the US playing on the Team USA would almost be like making everyone’s fantasy team come true!

It is true there would be many challenges getting the NFL, International Federation of American Football, and the IOC on one page. Should it be a winter sport or a summer sport? How would the rules be different than the NFL, if at all? How does a player qualify for a national team? Then there would be the concern of a dominating US team as other country’s build out their American football leagues – but really, that hasn’t been a big deal for the IOC with basketball.

Just think of the enormous fan base that would immediately be inherited. Not to mention the billions in potential new sponsorship revenue - the agents and lawyers must be drooling at the thought. Fantasy and financials aside, I ponder - if American Football were added to the list of Olympic sports, would the end result for television viewers be better than Super Bowl Sunday? --Steph.Palmer 07:04, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

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