Jacques Rogge

With the 2012 Olympics gaining closer and closer, it's no surprise that London has been preparing for the games feverishly. All of these preparations seem to be paying off though, as London is starting to get rave reviews for their preparedness. Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, has stated that London seems the most prepared for the games out of any of the recent hosts. However, he still is concerned with the threats of illegal betting and match fixing especially in the sports of cricket and football. He told the following to The Guardian earlier in the week, "That is the reality we have to live with. We are going to monitor the London Games very closely. Whenever there is an abnormal betting profile, the betting company can stop the bets and refuse to hand out the money."

Roggue has also ordered athletes to be aware that the doping testing will be more sophisticated than ever. He states "We are going to sample your urine and your blood. We might not find the illegal drugs at first testing, but we will freeze your samples and they will be retested later on. There is a permanent check and you will be found."

With all this security, preparation, and crack down on athletes, the London 2012 Games are looking to be extremely competitive and fair. I'm glad that London is taking these games so seriously. What are your opinions on London's extreme preparations?