British Bobby

The security for the upcoming London 2012 games will not be affected by austerity concerns in Great Britain. In fact Home Secretary Teresa May told reporters that

" the 500 million pounds ($804 million) Olympics security budget is being protected from cuts and won’t be affected by the tough measures aimed at reducing Britain’s burgeoning budget deficit."

May was also questioned about whether or not Osama bin Laden was planning on attacking the Olympic Games. May refused to comment on this issue. This is always a prevalent issue as shortly after London was announced as the host of the games, the transit system was bombed by terrorists and 52 people were killed. Security is a tremendous importance for these games, and it is glad that the British are so willing to make sure that their security budget isn't getting affected by the government's pressures to reduce their national budget.

Are you glad that safety seems to be ranked as one of the top concerns of the British government?


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