Stratford Station

One of the major benefits of hosting an Olympic Games is that it's an unique opportunity to improve your cities' existing infrastructure - including roads, venues, and transportation. It should be no surprise that perhaps one of the best three things to come out of the London 2012 games according to, is the improved transportation center.

In a list of what Britains thought would be the best benefits of the Olympic Games, transportation came in at number three with 12% of the votes (23% in London). One of the key elements in improving the transportation issues is the newly remodeled Stratford Station which is set to serve over half the traffic of the games. The renovations to this station have come at the healthy price of £125 million. These new enhancements will allow up to 120,000 people to pass through the station during morning peak hours.

Sharon Glancy, the director of the 1st Training Company, believes that "Developing the infrastructure for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is critical but the lasting impression for the millions of visitors that will arrive for the Games will be if they have had a positive experience of Britain."

It's good to know that the Olympic spirit carries over to things beyond sports. Improving cities and making life easier for people is something that can be appreciated even if you aren't a sports fan.

What do you think about these types of initiatives? Do you think they are good maneuvers?


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