I like Wikis. I like the idea of helping build a source of information and enjoyment for others. I first started on the NFL (now American Football) Wiki, and all through the season I would be working on projects when my team (the Forty Niners) were on, or when it was cold and wet outside and I felt guilty about just watching TV. I've since worked on several other wikis, and this Olympic one is the latest to absorb energy. I would suspect that the activity here is about 50 times what it was a year ago, or what it will be in a year. And I admit to being part of that 'fad group'. Bit I've found that once in a Wiki, I do go back on semi-regular occasions. And it will be interesting to watch how things develop after London, and during the rampup to Sochi.

I also find that I like structure in the Wikis that I work on, and the Olympics is no exception. I don't do pages where all it says "so-and-so is the greatest, he/she was born in 1990 and and won the gold!" There's nothing wrong with those, it's just not me. I look for a baseline, and the obvious one is the games themselves. I make sure that all of the games have similar pages, and are properly linked to each other and categorized. Not all of the information is there, so others can add to their heart's content. That project is complete, as far as establishing the baseline.

My second project is pages for each country in the games. With 204 entries at London, this one will take longer, but that's not a problem. And if some wants to add a good story, or a bit about their favorite athlete, fine. We're here to build and add. I don't konw when I'll write again, but when I think of something, I will.

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