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    We've seen team suit controversy before in Beijing's 2008 summer games, when Speedo's swim suits were so far superior to others that rival companies allowed their athletes to use them in order to have the best chance to medal.

    In Sochi, the talk was of Team USA's "secret weapon" - Under Armour's "revolutionary" new Mach 39 suit. (seen here →)

    Now, it seems, Team USA is seriously considering a switch back to their previous suit design - also made by Under Armour - if for no other reason than to shake a possible jinx. Not only has the US has failed to reach a medal podium in the first six skating events, but the team has been shut out of the top 5 in all six. This includes a disappointing and frankly bewildering 8th place finish in the 1,000m by…

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    Brett West has my vote for Father of the Year.

    While watching the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics with his then 6 year old son (now TeamUSA member Tucker West), Brett noticed an interest in the Luge events. Several months of hard work along with some trial and error later, and the homemade track you see here materialized in the West family backyard. A frickin' luge track!! I'm looking at you, Dad! :::frowning, fists on hips, tapping foot:::

    Not an true luge track (no actual luge, for one thing), certainly nothing that adheres to official specifications, but a motivational spark that helped light a fire of determination in one very special young boy from Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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    Almost time for Sochi

    January 24, 2014 by XD1

    I grew up watching the Olympics, and I'm always excited for the chance to watch all those amazing athletes make history. From snowboarding and speed skating, to luge and even curling, I just can't get enough! I remember as a kid being amazed at the science behind ski jumping (picture trying to lean forward and match that angled stance without falling over), and this year is the debut for the women's side of the event, so twice as much to watch! Snowboarding and skiing get some love with new events this year as well, the new mixed biathlon event should be awesome, and a luge relay? It should be very interesting to see how that works...

    Check out the other new events debuting in Sochi, and vote for the one you're looking forward to the most:

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